Many of our customers find they really like paintings of animals. We have all kinds of pet portraits. A specialty is horse paintings and some of these are very large paintings. We also have a large number of people who like dog portraits, especially if it's of their own dog. For this reason we do photo painting, creating a painting from your photo. Most people today prefer to buy paintings on line rather than drive all over town. When we offer a painting for sale it will be something you can be proud to own. We don't have cheap paintings for sale, preferring to offer high quality at a reasonable price. We have original paintings for sale, which can make a fantastic birthday gift. How about a Mother's Day gift. Maybe even a Mother's Day gift for Grandma. We do oil painting on canvas and can create a gift for men or a gift for women, something more special than you would be likely to find at a local store. Explore our galleries to find art paintings for sale and our other oil paintings online. Animals, paintings, sculpture and drawings - Discover the perfect wildlife art, for your space with Discover some of the most famous drawings and paintings of animals online. Shop millions of designs for animals art from paintings to drawings and sculpture and decorate your interior with original art. We sell limited edition art and original paintings worldwide.

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