About Us

Patrycja Lewicka - Graduated from the Department of Industrial Design at

the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Krakow, Poland.  She also studied

product design and graphic design in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Patrycja is a graphic designer, interior designer and artist, doing anything

involving creation and art.  Painting is her passion, which she deals with as

a compliment to the workshop.  Another passion is traveling, which gives

her inspiration for new work and ideas.

She has had several collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and


Recent exhibitions have taken place in:

Praque 2016 Exhibition “Insomnie women paintings”

Warsaw 2015-Freta Gallery

Cracovie 2014- Manga center

Düsseldorf 2014 Exhibition paintings “women sensation”


About the paintings

What you see on this page are my original paintings made using traditional oil techniques.  Every painting is full of carefully placed details and took week, or even months, to complete.  It is worth examining them slow slowly and closely.

I think carefully about my art and my paintings are very personal, reflecting my own experiences.  My thoughts and feelings are always the starting point to my paintings.  Once I start, I develop them into something more general, making it more for you, the viewer.  I want you to see in my works something personal for you, not only my story, but a reflection of your story.

I believe in people, that everyone has thoughts and memories of important things in their lives.  About beauty, being honest, inner power and justice.  This does not mean that we purposely sit in a favorite chair and say to ourselves, "OK, now I will think about the role of  the body of my life."  Things generally don't happen like that, they happen more naturally.  They appear when we grow up, when we realize something.  My paintings are about those thoughts.  So look at them, feel them and be inspired for anything you want!

We all have secrets.  This does not mean anything you are trying to prevent anyone else from knowing, it just means you have your own personal, private and independent thoughts, something only you know.

These thoughts can appear at almost any time, usually when we're doing something else.  We may be driving somewhere and hear a song or see something outside the car that invokes a memory.  No one else notices it because they didn't have that same memory.

Your mind may be on autopilot as you do day to day chores.  You've done them so often it doesn't require concentrated thought.  Maybe it's as simple as doing housework or laundry or being out for a walk and your memories suddenly appear.  Sometimes these thoughts and memories can be profound.  Why am I here, am I happy with my work or relationships, do I want to make any changes.  These are moments when the subconscious takes over.  Most of the time they come and go quickly as you get back to the task at hand, but they are valuable.  Some deep, life-changing decisions can be made at these times because we're not busy trying to rationalize things, but rather dealing with deep emotions and what really matters to us.

Take time to watch a young child out with his or her parents.  Everything is new and exciting and wonderful.  Things we hardly notice as adults are amazing to them.  I attempt to recreate this wonder in my art.  I don't want the viewer to attempt to see my memories and emotions, but rather see their own when they look at my paintings.  If I can evoke this sense of wonder and pleasant memories then I am succeeding as an artist.